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Q: How many lessons will I need to learn to drive?
A: Every learner has different learning abilities, different needs and situations and varying levels of previous experience. Thatís why we tailor all lessons to your individual requirements. However, itís usually possible to teach a complete novice to drive in approximately 10-14 lessons. Learners with previous driving experience may require fewer.
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Q: How long is each lesson?
A: A lesson lasts 45 minutes beginning and ending at mutually agreed locations (usually your home, school or work). When a 45 minute lesson is too restrictive a double lesson can be booked. The first lesson or two are usually singles, since you are likely to be learning in quieter back streets, before you take the next steps onto the more advanced skills which require more complex traffic conditions and require longer lessons. A double lesson can be a more efficient use of time if you are traveling to a different area to practice in special conditions Ė heavier traffic for example. Many people also find double lessons far more effective because they can learn more at once.
Q: Should I learn to drive in an automatic or manual car?
A: Automatic cars are usually easier to learn to drive, (which means fewer lessons), as they have no gears or clutch. However, if you get your automatic licence you can only drive automatic cars while you have a probationary licence.Drivers with a manual licence can also drive automatics at any time.Some drivers of in automatics get their licence, build up their confidence, then convert to manual by having another driving test when they are ready. Manual cars are usually cheaper to buy and repair than automatics.
Q: When can I start learning to drive?
A: You must first hold a car learners permit. In order to obtain this permit you must be at least 16 years old, pass an eyesight test and a computer test based on the VicRoads "Road to Solo Driving" handbook. The test can be done at any Vic Roads office. You can practice the test on the internet as well, just follow the link below...
Learner Test
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